Grido 30 MKII

Grido 30

Grido 30 MKII

Power output for channel 2 x 30 W @ 8 Ohm (100W @ 2 Ohm)
Frequency response (Hz) 0-100k
Inputs 6 RCA
Sensitivity 500 mV
Input impedance 30 kOhm
Dimensions (W x H x D) 44 x 15 x 42 cm
Weight 25 Kg

For more information on the DOMA Grido 30 amplifier, see the attachments in the download section.

Traditional power supply is limited in quantity and quality because of its origin from the electricity grid and the conversion system from alternating to continuous.
The battery power supply offers a decidedly superior energy, immune to noise and perfectly continuous.

Common amplifiers work well only on resistive loads and away from clipping.
Domaudio amps suffers minimal load (reactivity and back emf) and works well even in clipping.

Piloting a loudspeaker, the AB class amplifiers suffer from the interdiction of the final stages and consequently generate the annoying cross distortion of which the prestigious class A are instead immune.
Here a particular circuit ensures the polarization of the final transistors, keeping them always in conduction, guaranteeing the sound of the class A without the inconveniences of consumption and dimensions.

… and many other details to create a product of Italian excellence.