1972: the first achievements in Hi-Fi. These audio products, mainly Loudspeaker systems, were auditioned to friends, and immediately requested and purchased. This pushed to continue the experiments for years and become the main hobby organizing everything according to this: studies, work, home, …
This approach, mainly to make electroacoustic equipment for fun and not for profit, allowed not to be bound in sticking to costs and time.

In 1999 came then the decision to face the world’s High End founding the company DOMA.
DOMA built up a dedicated listening room with the LEDE technique and the construction of a modern laboratory with the best electro-acoustic analysis tools electronic and acoustic.
At this time SuperDOMA projects and technical news DOMA NEWS were released.

Later on DOMA met another big fan of High End that was captured by the stunning quality of these systems. Soon it was decided to design new projects finalizing for a small production to provide an economic return so as to allow greater investment in research.

The release of the first DOMA amplifier, the integrated battery power supply amplifier Grido 30, takes place in the historic showroom ALTRAFEDELTA’ in Bologna, and it is a success that draws enthusiasts from all over Italy.

DOMA starts immediately to design a specific line of loudspeaker systems at the same high level of quality of the DOMA Grido amplifiers for the current audio market.

In 2003 the first CD DOMA was released and is immediately clear that this is a very successful product and also at the top of excellence.

In October 2004, the first exhibition of the complete DOMA audio system: CD Grido, Grido 30 Integrated Amplifier, “Jaguar” loudspeaker system in the new Jaguar Tirreno dealer in Livorno as awards ceremony for the best sales result.

In 2005, the collaboration with the MFB for the distribution of DOMA products and the creation of the domaudio.it website.

The following year the powerful Grido 100 monoblock are released. In picture the power run in phase at Grido end of line production.

On 19 June 2006 The Grido 100 amplifier and the prototype of the CD player Grido CD are introduced to Italian audio magazine “Audio Review”, in the persons of Roberto Lucchesi director and technical director Fabrizio Montanucci. On that occasion also DOMA has interesting conversation about the acoustics with Gian Piero Matarazzo.

In January 2007, a full review of the two fantastic products is released on the number 275 of the italian magazine Audio Review.

Also in 2007, distribution is settled all over taly through more than five audio shop dealers.

Since 2009 DOMA start investing in Audio exhibitions such as Roma Hi End and Milano High End, Top Audio, Napoli High End, Grand Gala dell’alta fedelta’, ….
On such occasions DOMA enhances contacts and netwokrship with new friends and collaborations with leading icons of the Audio industry including Renato Giussani from Giussani Research.

In 2014, for the 15 years anniversary, DOMA releases a new product line: the “K” series, and launches the new website: www.domaudio.com and a Facebook page.

2014 Amplifier KR1 and Phono preamp KS1
2015 Complete electric network filter KT1
2016 Loudspeaker Tauri 1
2017 Loudspeaker Tauri 2
2017 Grido 100 test on the number 263 of the italian magazine Fedeltà del Suono
2018 Loudspeaker Risoluzione 708