Mains filter KT 2

Mains filter KT 2


Visionary design

To achieve the most effective and complete network filter for audio video, this was the goal. The noise on the electricity network which is increasingly present and relevant in our days is no longer a problem with the KT2 network filter. As in all Domaudio projects, the limits of the products on the market have been analyzed and resolved, thus creating a revolutionary instrument that eliminates the noise present also in the audio band, does not reduce the musical dynamics, allows the phasing of all the equipment, eliminates the component continues. Ultimately it makes the audio reproduction more pleasant and realistic and the video images more outlined and natural; all with exceptional precision, reliability and value over time.

Revolutionary engineering

With the revolutionary EQU (Electronic Quantum Unit) electronic control unit designed by Domaudio, you have precise and instantaneous control of all the power supply parameters.

  • On power up, the blue LED on the front indicates whether KT2 is connected in phase and if there is an earth connection.
  • All the equipment connected to the filter can be put into phase by carrying out a simple test in an easy and intuitive way (*).
  • Harmful surges are saturated.
  • In the event of a voltage lower than 200V, KT2 cuts off the power to the controlled equipment and safeguards them. In particular, the thermionic tubes which are damaged at voltages lower than the preset ones must be mentioned.
  • Radio frequency filtering, in common and differential mode, at the input and output with cells placed directly in the IEC socket, the only effective way to confine the radio frequency out of the filter container and not contaminate the internal components.
  • The particular harmonic cell filter placed in parallel has many peculiarities:
    1. Meanwhile, being placed in parallel, it does not cause voltage drops and therefore limitations in musical dynamics. In audio systems, the classic serial network filters must be avoided as the current draws present very high peaks that create large losses.
    2. It connects as soon as KT2 is connected to the electrical network so it is effective for all equipment connected to the home network even with KT2 off.
    3. It works by destroying disturbances by transforming them into heat unlike normal filters which simply phase-shift them by leaving them circulating on the network or worse they discharge them on the earth connection altering their local potential with consequent parasitic currents on the returns of the signal cables.
  • The original gradual start of the equipment controlled by the filter leads to a reduction in electrical-mechanical stress and greater reliability and durability of the same.
  • Exact management of the equipment earth which together with the use of power cables of the same length and type allows (together with the correct phasing) to drastically reduce the potential differences between the equipment and therefore the audio-video problems inherent in the currents in the shielding and returns of signal cables.
  • Continuous component filter, harmful because it saturates the large toroidal transformers, causing them to work outside the expected conditions and causing them to generate electro-mechanical vibrations.
  • Schuko output sockets with connectors chosen for the best reliability and not for cosmetics or fashion.
  • Container completely in aluminum and of contained depth to guarantee the external space necessary for the connections of the power cables.

The exclusive features of the KT2 network filter are:

  • 12 output sockets, divided as follows:
  • 4 direct sockets, for equipment that always needs voltage (such as battery-powered Domaudio amplifiers)
  • 8 controlled sockets with gradual start, 4 of which with filter on the DC for traditional amplifications
  • Led for phase recognition and earth presence
  • Dedicated socket for checking the equipment phase
  • Audio power managed 8000W, continuous 3700W. Both powers are indicated because, as you know, with music the required power is very variable and the actual power is therefore much lower.
  • Overvoltage and undervoltage protection
  • EMI (ElectroMagnetic Interference) Filtering
  • Audio frequency filtering up with dissipating harmonic cells
  • Power supply 230V 50 Hz. Stand-by consumption 1,2W. Consumption in On 2,6W.
  • 100V or 120V, 50 or 60 Hz versions on request
  • 10 year warranty like all products DomaudioHigh End e DomaudioPro Tech.

Procedure for setting up the KT2:

Power the KT2 by connecting it to the mains.

Press the button located on the front, if the blue LED above the button lights up, the KT2 is in phase.

If the blue LED remains off, reverse the direction of the plug of the KT2 power cable.

If the blue LED never lights up but KT2 does, it means that there is no ground connection.

Without earth connection, especially for safety reasons, no equipment must be used.

(*) Procedure for testing the phase of the equipment to be connected to KT2

Proceed with KT2 off but powered and in phase, as indicated in the KT2 phase setting procedure.

The device to be controlled must be disconnected from the other devices (signal cables disconnected).

With the chosen power cable, connect the appliance to be phased in to the test socket which is the first on the left in the rear panel of the KT2.

Press the button below and check the LEDs.

If the green LED lights up, move the plug to one of the twelve sockets keeping the same direction.

If the red LED lights up, move the plug by turning it 180 degrees.

What is meant by the term “phasing” of a device

The terminology is misleading because it is a matter of minimizing the parasitic currents that circulate in the returns of the signal cables and therefore interfere with the musical signal degrading it. As the magnitude of this current is almost never the same, there will be a preferred way to insert the plug.