Domaudio High End

We started as a group of passionate audiophiles in Bologna communized by the same interest, with the fortune to have technical knowledge and tools available to help you create from nothing excellent equipment that can meet all those who want the highest audio quality.

The reputation we have created with the DOMA, but also with achievements for other brands, is a guarantee for any audiophile who intends to find with us the best solution for their needs. For this reason we do not invest much in advertising campaigns preferring the opinions of customers, whether audiophiles or companies to convey our product philosophy.

In order to create more efficient and up to date offer, we started a program that provides through this site the opportunity for direct contact with us via email or Facebook.

This way we get to know the needs of our existing customers and anyone who wants to improve the Hi-Fi system providing consultancy services and assistance.

To cope with the economic downturn and the continuous spread of illusory products, but not reducing the quality and, we have developed a program that includes among other things the introduction of the “K” series, that will be sold directly from DOMA that will also provide the service of installation and tuning directly to the customer’s home.

DOMA is located in an Italian region with a high concentration of small and medium-sized companies with high quality craftsmanship, which means quick and easy relations to get the right technological support needed to develop the desired specific components.

Top of the line best-selling model DOMA Grido 100 remains in full production, representing the, the top in terms of versatility and performance. It has represented for many the ultimate solution and has also leveraged to unexpected highest performances in bi –amplification configuration, installation on boats and even, with appropriate modifications, generator voltage for a turntable manufacturer of Hi-End which required voltage and frequency in use in the US.

To accomplish constantly increasing foreign audiophiles, interested in the DOMA equipment we are establishing local agents worldwide.

Top strength points of DOMA:

– Realization of customized equipment according to the real needs of audiophiles
– Products with high technological content and innovative which validity on the resulting sound is recognized unanimously by the audiophile world.
– Complete direct assistance before and after sales.
– Direct sales.
– Second hand units buy back.
– Traditional production completely performed in Italy and directly from the designer.
– The main goal is not just to sell a product, but satisfy the customer making an improvement to its Hi-Fi and draw satisfaction and experience that will help improve future equipment.
– 10 years of warranty

We will be glad if you contact us for information, questions and suggestions reciprocal.